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Sudarshan Murthy

I presently work as a senior research scientist in the product development of various food products Wipro Ltd. Bangalore, India. I have been involved in the formulation of various wellness and nutritional food products for kids and adults. I have completed my Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences and also Post Graduate Diploma in Management.
I am interested in numismatics, philately and active reader of various non-fiction and fictional books of scientific content. I am interested in astrophysics and want to know more about the universe and its origin, the concept of god etc. I wish if I had an opportunity I would definitely join NASA because I am interested in space exploration. I am also interested in the Hindu Vedic scriptures because I believe some advanced knowledge in hidden in them in the form of poetry and personification of the events and would like to devote my retired life to studying and exploring those.
My favorite fictional character is Sherlock Holmes as I appreciate his deep observation and analysis in deducing the results.
I am interested to solve IQ tests and other tests that are challenging to the brain. I am a very private person.

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