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Nuno Jorge Mesquita Baptista

Date of birth: 12/01/1987
Country: Portugal
City: Porto
Academic: Licenciate degree in psychosocial counseling, Licenciate degree in psychology, a postgraduated degree in assessment and intervention in children and adolescents, specializing degree in school psychology, Master in child psychology, trainer, adult mediator.

Other Societies:
Member of International High IQ Society
Member of Alta Capacidad Hispana
Member of Encefálica Society
Member of Elateneo´s Society
Member of High Potentials Society
Member of Mysterium Society
Member of Infinity International Society
Member of HispanIQ International Society
Member of Poetic Genius Society 

Member of AtlantIQ High IQ Society
Member of IQual Society
Member of Uniq Society
Member of Ingenium High IQ Society
Subscriber of Epida Society
Subscriber of ISI-Society

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