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Kelly Dorsett

Kelly was born in Kankakee, Illinois on August 12, 1978. She grew up in a tiny town called “Momence”, where she painted scenery for school musicals, acted in plays, photographed for the yearbooks & newspapers, choreographed dances in Show Choir, performed in speech club and quiz bowl and in her spare time, helped coach the school basketball team. Kelly moved to Florida in 1996, where she plans on staying. She currently works in the field of Live Broadcast, in several positions. She is a Photographer for a modeling agency and a webmaster for several small business sites. Her hobbies are photography, graphic arts, music, poetry, theology, computer programming, singing, attending the theatre and other art functions. She is a published, award-winning poet, pencil artist & photographer.

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Homepage: http://www.buggerall.net
E-Mail: [email protected]

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