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  Weng Yang

Born on October 26, 2001, Suqian, Jiangsu Province, China, with a bachelor's degree in Suzhou University
Like reading and writing, music, logic and art, understand a little game theory, psychological knowledge, have a curiosity about the world, like my own access to information research.
GFIS "How to Say for Brilliance" No. 9, 10, 11 speaker, quiet house tutor.
The first and second prizes of the Olympic English Composition Competition, the first prize of the National Middle School Students'Creative Composition Competition, the winner prize, the second prize of "Ye Shengtao Cup", the second prize of the Chinese Newspaper Cup, and the new concept composition contest were among the finalists.

The high IQ associations he has joined are:
Light of glory (IQ > 120.sd = 15)
Silent House Branch (IQ > 120.sd = 15)
Wisdom Eye Association (IQ > 125.sd = 15)
Tian Hui Association (IQ > 123.sd = 15)
Silver Horn (IQ > 135. SD = 15)
Secret Society (IQ > 140, SD = 15)
Silent House (full member) (IQ > 140.sd = 15)
Night Society (Night Associate Member) (IQ > 145.sd = 15)
Eyes of Overlife (IQ > 145sd = 15)
ISI-Society (IQ > 148, SD = 15)
The Sword of Obelisk (IQ > 153.sd = 15)
Elegant Attic (IQ > 160. SD = 15)
4G Society (Global Genius Generation Group) (IQ > 164, SD = 16)

E-Mail: [email protected]

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