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  Chiho Jimba

I was born and raised in Sapporo city in Hokkaido prefecture located in the north of Japan. I lived in Sapporo until I graduated from the university. I majored in the biotechnology of the faculty of engineering at the university. My thesis was on quercetin glycosides extracted from onions as the substance of lowering blood pressure.
I am good at maths, computer, chemicals, physics, astronomy, taking photos and of course art, bonsai and music!  I was playing the trumpet in my teens.
I currently live in a small town in Sorachi area in Hokkaido, which has natural beauty and colorful four seasons. I love living here.

I have had some unique senses since I was a child. For instance, all I see is a combination of colors and it spreads endlessly until I close my eyes to stop it. As those factors inspire me a lot, I create my works. 

Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/jin00001/

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