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  Anthony Brown

Born in Oregon, USA on April 10, 1989. After I graduated from High School, I decided to teach myself everything I wanted to know by assigning myself 'projects' on whatever subject was interesting to me at the time (Optics, jellyfish, biopsychology, etc.). I became interested in the nature of genuine intelligence sometime in 2016, actually analyzing our ability to understand and solve problems. This led me to take an interest in I.Q. Tests and soon after I became a member of Mensa. Naturally, I became curious about the other High I.Q. Societies and continued to push myself to achieve higher scores on the tests. My most recent test granted placed me in the 99.9982 percentile with an I.Q. of 162 (S.D. 15), though I shall continue to push my limits.

My primary interests are art, music, mathematics, social psychology, cognitive science and epistemology.

Currently, I am working on my own I.Q. Tests. My goal is to create tests that are fair, accurate and scientifically valid.

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E-Mail: [email protected]

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