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  Alexi Edin

I'm a test creator, which is a labor of love. Also like to write poems, and music. Founder of IQLati.net and all test residing there, which are PMA-32E, EMC-30R, MRI-30R, RELIGHT30, ANALOGICA, ELOQUENTIA, LUNAR, HART-30 and DIGITS. After reading a book by Linda Leopold I realized that I had to be highly intelligent. So I started to do some tests and it turns out that I was right.
I have a vision to create a standardized test for the high range. I'm a proud member of the following societies.

The ISI-Society
World Genius Directory (WGD)
ELITE High IQ Society
Global Genius Generation Group IQ Society (4G)
GIFTED High IQ Network
BRAIN High IQ Society
The Modern Genius IQ Society (MGS)
Zen High IQ Society
Order of Imhotep

E-Mail: [email protected]

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