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  David Espinoza

Born on February 21, 1993 in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico.

David is currently studying the last year of Psychology (from August 22, 2016); his area of interest is Clinical Psychology.
He has had little experience as a psychotherapist but their achievements have been excellent.
David plans to study a master's degree in clinical psychology and a doctorate in the same area of knowledge.
It also is very interested in psychotherapy by hypnosis.

David likes to write; He would love to soon publish a book.

He likes to cook and be in the quiet of his home with his family.

David loves country life. In winter he visits the family ranch and spend excellent days surrounded by beautiful scenery.

He loves the farm life and in the future he would like to have his own cattle ranch.

He loves the piano, but he has not learned to play it.

His mother tongue is Spanish but also speaks English.

David likes to lend his voice to make narrations. He has a deep voice.

He is currently single, but he would love to start a family in the future.

You can contact with him: [email protected]
He will respond to you in a kind way.

David wishes you success in everything you do!

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