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Robert Brizel

Robert was born in Liberty, New York, in 1963. He is an internet sports writer and photographer, and is head boxing writer for Realcombatmedia.com online,
covering boxing and MMA events for such media outlets as HBO, ESPN2, Showtime, Spike TV, NBC Sports Network, CBS Sports Network, Telefutura, Telemundo, Broadway Boxing, and gofightlive.tv  over the internet.
Robert is also a classically trained vocalist with ten years nightclub stage performing experience in childhood. Robert holds five university degrees.
Robert is the author and instructor of ‘Subconscious Role Models’, a private open comprehensive system of instruction of more than 60 levels and sublevels which teaches how the human mind processes information, as well as several books of personal philosophies. Robert is the author of the Aristotle Onassis Method of meeting six diamond women, a comprehensive dating system which is based on male confidence, and breaks down women into four complex categories of understanding, which also maintains all [ick-up artists (PUAs) and what they teacher is completely wrong.
Robert is also in the process of a nonfiction book collaboration with best-selling author Joseph Mancuso. Robert enjoys dressing well, world travel, and time spent with his wife and daughter.

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