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Jérôme Kelber

Born in France, member of Mensa France since 2010. I am married to a Brazilian lady since 2006, and father of Félix and Edgar. I enjoy music, play classical piano, reading (a lot!), sports (skiing, sailing, running), flying (I've been a private pilot since 2001, I hold an IR-ME certificate and I am preparing the akro 1st certificate), and learning languages (I speak French, English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and I’ve recently taken up German again).
Professionally, I trained as an engineer and started working in M&A, in London, then Paris. I started my consulting firm in 2002, specialized in strategy consulting and corporate finance. We support our clients growth projects in organic growth, external growth, and portfolio management. We have associate offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, and Mumbai. Most our clients are large international groups with dynamic growth prospects.

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