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Johnathan Machler

Born: 1994 in St. Paul Minnesota

Education:  University of Minnesota Duluth, BSEE

Interests: Architectonics, Sketching, Philosophy, Unicycling, Ham radio (KD0MOO call sign), Rock climbing, Cinematography, Programming (in variety of languages C++, C#, VHDL, and ASM (link to my github)[https://github.com/esch3r]), Computer Vision, Etymology, Tinkering w/ Electronics, Minesweeper, Nightime, Flight Simulation, Youtube.

Favorite Bands: OK Go, RUSH, The Soft Moon, 
                      Tame Impala, Mitski, Pink Floyd
                      Aesop Rock, Depeche Mode,
                      Tears for Fears, Superorganism

Languages: English, Latin, and Hangul 


Member of Glia
Member of Torr
Member of Civiq
Member of ISPE
Member of WGD
Member of Isi-Society
Subscriber to SPIQR

E-Mail: johnathan.machler@gmail.com

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