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Marc Heremans

Marc is a school psychologist, mainly experienced in learning disabilities. He is also the psychologist for Mensa-Belgium and Mensa-Youth-Belgium (association dedicated to gifted children aged 9-16). His interests are psychometry, evolutionary psychology and ethology, neuro-science, cognitive psychology, philosophy, history of science (�fan� of Popper, Kuhn, Allan Chalmers), behavior genetics and science in general. He doesn�t like TV, psychoanalysis, homeopathy, astrology, science-fiction (he thinks he is atypical in the HIQ community!) and many other �obvious� things (racism, war, Bush, for instance). His hobbies are carom billiards, yams, home tests, puzzles, etc. Belonging to HIQ Societies allows him to be in touch with - often - many profoundly interesting people.

Member of the Mensa Society
Member of the Cerebrals Society
Member of the CIVIQ Society
Member of the Glia Society
Member of the Ultranet
Member of the Prometheus Society
Member of the Sigma IV Society

E-Mail: [email protected]

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