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Nikolaos Ulysses Soulios

Nickolas was born in Larisa, Greece, on the conclusion of the most hedonistic period of the late 20th century, the 70s. The crisp, dynamic and melodic hue of the aforementioned era reflects on his soul and the music he composes.

Nickolas has been working for a major Greek financial institution, as administrative IT support personnel since 2004. He studied Math in Thessaloniki, Greece and Computing Science in Glasgow, Scotland.

His moto is “Stop, Look, listen !”

Nickolas is fond of vector sketching, enjoys watching anime, interested in social psychology, has a thing for pigtails, can’t live without traveling and hopelessly tortures himself by mingling with *nix on a memorable 386SX. He prefers practicing DJing techniques with Traktor over vinyl.

Nickolas is far from the extrovert type and believes that true beauty lies in the details. You can listen to his tunes, remixes and mix-tapes on www.soundcloud.com/cebit . The e-mail address, cebiti at gmail, is mostly unavailable, except from urgent matters and appeals.


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