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Robert Rose-Coutré

I was born near Chicago in 1959, moved near Tampa, Florida in 1961, where I grew up and lived for the next twenty years. I studied at St. Andrews College, then Florida State University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a few years later went back to grad school and earned a Master of Arts degree (both degrees in English/Philosophy). I have lived in several cities in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and now Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia). I wrote two books that are available: a novel, "The Marriage Syndrome"; and a Nonfiction work: "Abstract Objects, Ideal Forms, and Works of Art." I recently published a book entitled "Call of the Active Mind" ( http://www.call-of-the-active-mind.com/ ), which traces brain passivity from TV and other effortless-electronic entertainment referencing scientific studies and experience. The book answers the question that everyone is asking: What was life like before humanity stood still in front of screens, and stopped doing anything else?
My job is Content Manager, directing the Production and Quality Assurance departments publishing US Federal Aviation Administration regulations. I enjoy writing fiction and nonfiction such as aesthetics, philosophy of language, spiritual topics, epistemology, editorial manuals, semantics, and semiotics. Some of my other memberships include Camp Archimedes, Ronald K. Hoeflin Society, Mensa, Ultranet Society, Infinity International, the British Museum Library, National Eagle Scout Association, Anhinga Press Board of Directors, and Senior member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

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