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Darb studied computer science, mathematics, literature and liberal arts in college, and worked for several decades in the Aerospace and Defense industry. He is a self-described polymathic autodidact with diverse hobbies and interests, including (but not limited to) literature, writing, international culinaria, zymurgia, the sciences, philanthropy, art appreciation, comparative mythology, freemasonry, mixology, sailing, and others. Darb is an officer (past and present) in several non-profit organizations and museums.

IQ 140+ Society Memberships:
Infinity International Society
ePiq Society
Logiq Society
ePida Society
sPiqr Society, prosp.

Academic Honor Societies:
Phi Beta Kappa (Liberal Arts & Sciences)
Kappa Mu Epsilon (Mathematics)

Admin:  Internet Book Database of Fiction
Asst. Admin:  World Intelligence Network
Asst. Admin:  IQ Nexus

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