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Edward Vanhove

Edward was born in Belgium on 16 May 1977. He is a final-year student of constructional engineering in a polytechnic (as of January of 2003) and holds a bachelor�s degree in civil engineering. He is a competitive long-distance runner, chess player, decent swimmer and backgammon, go, and checkers player. He also collects mechanical puzzles such as Rubik�s Cube and likes reading, listening to music, cycle racing, and going out.

On top of that, he is the founder of the Frequency 2 Society, an international society that has a physical admission criterion to go with the traditional criterion of intellectual level. The Frequency 2 Society is the first higher-IQ society to be founded in Belgium and his test, the Magma Test, is Belgium�s first higher-IQ test in Dutch. His main field of research within the IQ world is related to the nature of verbal analogies in any language. He is also the winner of the International Contest of Logical Sequences 2002-2003.

Founder of the Frequency 2 Society
Member of the ISI-Society
Member of the Glia Society
Member of the Ludomind Society

The Magma Test: http://paulcooijmans.lunarpages.com/p/tests/magma/
E-Mail: [email protected]

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