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Leonardo Casetta

Leonardo was born on 11th August, 1978, in São Paulo, Brazil. He is married and also has a daughter (see picture). BSc in chemical engineering and MSc in mechanical engineering, i.e. theoretical hydrodynamics. Currently, he is finishing his PhD thesis in a ‘theoretical approach of variable mass systems mechanics’. His thesis tries to enlighten the reasons that, even after many years of their pose, some classical problems in mechanics can be considered to be as apparently paradoxical. Leonardo does like to be involved with theoretical challenging problems that are consistently formulated in a simple and clear manner. Interested in language studying, he speaks English, Italian, and holds an intermediate-advanced level in Finnish. Olive oil tasting and health care are his hobbies. His underdeveloped skills are to follow common sense or social rules and hierarchy. Unforgettable friends (in alphabetical order): Celso P Pesce, Edna Moratto, Janice Rechulski, Luis F S Cavalli and Telma R Trigo.

Member of the International High IQ Society
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Member of the Homo Universalis Society (Special Award)
Inspector in Order of Imhotep
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