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Hope Hanson

Hi! My name is Hope Hanson. I am 7 years old and almost 8. I live near Orlando, Florida with my Mom, Dad and little brother. I just started 2nd grade in a new school. I love my teacher and have lots of friends. I just lost my 9th tooth. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is steak. I also really love cheese pizza. My favorite sport is softball. I play on a little league team and we are called the Lady Gators. In school I love math, reading, social studies and poetry. My hobbies are singing and piano. I can sing in English, Japanese, Sign Language and Spanish. My favorite place to vacation is Hawks Cay in Duck Key, Florida. The water is blue like the sky. The fishing is awesome and the snorkeling is magical. I also love to visit my family in Alabama and Iowa. I can play on the farm with all of the kittens and run around with my cousins. My favorite artist is James Taylor. My favorite author is Barbara Park and my favorite book character is Junie B. Jones. Last month I read 1,715 minutes and I won the reading rocket 2nd grade reading award. I have a pet ocicat named Spotty, but sometimes we call him "the squirrel slayer." I also have a pet ball python named Slippery and two sand crabs named Charity and Love. I hope to get a pet tadpole. I enjoy playing outside. We have a huge yard that is an acre with lots of flowers, grape vines and trees filled with birds and squirrels. I wish to play the guitar like my Dad and have a band. For Christmas I hope to get roller skates, ice skates, an IPOD, truffles, cook books, cooking supplies and a chance to use the kitchen oven. For my birthday I hope to have a party at build-a-bear with my best friend. When I grow up I think I want to be a pediatrician and live in France, I think.

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