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Andrés Leonardo Gómez Emilsson

Andres was born on 23th september 1990 In Mexico City. He is studying 10th grade. He has represented his country several times on Math and Science Competitions. Things he likes are: Maths, Science (and Science Fiction!), Literature in general, Neurology and artificial intelligence (interesting algorithms), the human and animal solving problems algortihms and human comuniacation. Andres is the founder of Elateneo/s Society and creator of the Blue test (which is accepted as an admission criteria for several High IQ Societies).

Member of the ISI-Society
Member of the High Potentials Society
Member of the CICF Society
Member of the Mysterium society
Honorary Member of the Pars Society
Honorary Member of HIQS-GT

E-mail: [email protected]
Elateneo/s: http://elateneos.atspace.com/

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