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Thomas Faulkner

Artist, Engineer, and Computer Scientist . . . Thomas has worked in the Aerospace Industry for many years. In 1979, he went to work for Raytheon where he traveled throughout Germany, as field engineer, making repairs and upgrades to the Improved Hawk Missile System. At Hercules Aerospace, he became a test engineer and worked several years on the Trident C4 & D5, Pershing II, SICBM, Delta, and Pegasus missiles. By 1989, Thomas started work as QA Engineer and was responsible for the design and quality assurance of all components in the nosecone of the Titan IV Rocket. Currently, Thomas is employed in the computer industry, and is responsible for developing several computer software packages in mathematics and accounting, including QED, MathStar, CC3, JobView, and Visual Bookkeeper. Thomas is also an artist. His oil paintings and drawings have shown in various parts of Europe and the United States and have received numerous awards.

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Homepage: http://www.thomasfaulkner.com/atlas.html
E-Mail: [email protected]

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