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David Udbjorg

David was the founder of High IQ for Humanity, an organization which set out to assist gifted children in developing countries. He is an internationally known Adventurer and a member of Los Angeles Adventurers Club. He is also the founder of The Adventurers Society.

On the creative side, he is an Artist with exhibitions in USA, South Africa, Holland and Denmark, he made more than 125 Youtube videos from his visits to + 50 countries around the World, and is the author of the Novel "Morfeus".

David is also an inventor and has made a "Foot operated pointing device" and a "Auto destructible syringe with cannula ejection".


Honorary Member of the ISI-Society
Honorary Member of the Sigma Society Deliberative Council
Member of the International High IQ Society
Member of Mensa Denmark
Member of the Mysterium Society
Member of the High Potentials Society
Member of the Sigma Society
Member of the Poetic Genius Society
Honorary Member of the PARS Society

Homepage: http://www.udbjorg.com/
E-Mail: [email protected]

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