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 Jaaered Brown

Jaaered Brown - Creative Consulting : We invite people, companies, organizations, to join us in developing new products and services, by being outside-of-the-norm we are Innovation.

Jaaered Brown is currently an international Creative Consulting business, spanning multiple industries,  primarily Arts & Entertainment but including Science & Tech.

 He was initiatly a house painter, who went into business for himself at the age of 19, after graduating from high school late. He later closed shop and started all over on the Shores of Kuauii, deciding he was an artist who would be great one day...

"I'd like to invite you all to join me for a free Creative Consultation, if we come up with something great we'll let the chips fall where they may!" - jaaereb.

Born August 7 1985, as Jared Stephen Brown
IQ 125-200+: depending

Member of the ISI-Society

E-Mail: allisfairinlovewarart@gmail.com

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