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  Georgios (George) Kyriakakis

Born in Greece in 1988 and has been living in the UK since the autumn of 2013. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Kent, studying Music and Technology. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the National Technical University of Athens (BSc Mechanical Engineering), a Master of Science from the same University (MSc Materials Science and Technology), a Master of Arts from the University of Kent (MA Music Technology) and a Piano Diploma from the National Conservatoire of Greece.

George specializes in the areas of Music Composition and Production, as well as in music software programming for applications in mentally impaired individuals with disabilities on the autism spectrum, which is also the subject of his PhD thesis. Over the past years, George has been awarded various times in Greek national and International piano competitions, while he also holds an excellence award from the Limmat Foundation (Zurich, Switzerland) as a result of excellent performance in his MSc in Athens; meanwhile, he is a Leventis Foundation Scholar, having received a bursary from the Foundation (www.leventisscholarships.org) to assist him with his studies.

George speaks, apart from his native Greek, professional level English and French, as well as functional German, Italian and Spanish. His interests, apart from music, are DJing, playing basketball, going out with friends and travelling; moreover, he has recently exhibited a pronounced interest in the area of high intellect and methods employed to progressively boost IQ.

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Member of British Mensa
Member of the Elite IQ Society

E-Mail: georgesunday@windowslive.com

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