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  Jiwhan Park

Is currently employed by Shinhan BNP Paribas AMC in Seoul, Korea.
His acts as a middle agent(or a risk manager) between the asset managers and custodians
that ensures the underlying assets under the funds are traded and settled without any failures.
He is responsible for matching the overseas trades, which currently makes up almost half of the company's profits.
Previously, Jiwhan worked as an interpreter officer at the Republic of Korea Army.
As the 1st Lieutenant, he interpreted for the Commander(Major Gen) as well as several important government officials,
including the Deputy Ministers. His primary job was to enable the negotiations and potential employments
of cutting edge military intelligence network and technology to enable both strategic communications and efficient assaults
by the joint forces(Army, Navy, Air Force).   
Jiwhan plans to get his MBA or PhD in Finance in the United States.
Jiwhan likes to play chess against computers and listen to music for the sake of temporary rest from reality.  

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E-Mail: j80570@naver.com

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