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  Waichiro Horiuchi

I was born on 3 January 1980, in Tokyo, Japan. I am a dermatologist. In 2004 I graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University(MD).
I have many interests. I do Taido(a kind of Karate, martial arts). In 2001 I was selected as a memeber of Japanese Delegate of the 3rd World Taido Championship. I also like Go. Go is a Japanese traditional table game. I often play Go on the Worldwide web. For exapmle, the KGS Go Serber(www.gokgs.com). I have written some electronic books about playing Go. You can find it in KDP store. I am afraid that these books are written in Japanese.
Let's enjoy life.

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E-Mail: angiosarcoma@hotmail.co.jp

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