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Javier Río Santos

Javier was born in the last fifth of the past Century in Spain. He is single. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Education (B.Ed.), a Bachelor Degree of Arts in English Language and Literature (B.A.), a Master of Education (M.Ed.) and a Master of Arts in Archives, Record Management and Museum Studies - Master´s Degree in Management of Documentation, Libraries and Archives-(M.A.). His interests are: philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, arts like painting and sculpture, history, music, sports, martial arts, language and literature, librarianship and documentation, etc.

Member of the ISI-S
Member of Camp Archimedes
Member of the Artifex Mens Congregatio
Member of the Mysterium Society
Member of the High Potentials Society
Member of the IHIQS

E-Mail: javierriosantos@hotmail.com

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