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  Beatrice Rescazzi

Born in Italy in 1975, Beatrice Rescazzi graduated as ophthalmologist specialised in visual rehabilitation.

Further studies in informatics and programming brought her to invent a computerized system that spots and tracks macular degeneration.

Following studies in electronics and robotics, allowed Beatrice Rescazzi to build two different 3D printers, together with her husband.

Later she invented a portable zero cost microscope. Her medical bracelet won a prize in a project from the University of Maryland. She 3D designs and 3D prints many creations.

She built two Arduino robots by herself: Verbo, which is a robotic head able to speak and mimic facial expressions. And B-Bot, a complex prototype for the house surveillance and elderly aid, which was published in MAKERZINE.

She is also fond of art, and being synesthetic, usually loves to paint her perceptions of classical music pieces.

She designed many websites, especially in Flash.

In 2010 published an album with her musical compositions, named Atmosphera.

She in the Editor in Chief and graphics designer of Leonardo, a quarterly magazine.

She co-founded AtlantIQ Society and is the actual President.

Her interests cover almost everything and loves to read, study and follow university courses about several topics.

Member of the ISI-Society
President of the AtlantQI Society

E-Mail: beatricerescazzi@gmail.com

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