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  Christopher Angus

Canadian animator/filmmaker who has created several short films while also working on commercial projects.

His award winning short film entitled: the Urge 2 - It Lies Within is now in distribution through two distinguished short film distributors; Shorts International and the Canadian Film Distribution Centre.

Christopher is currently working on his next film between commercial contracts.

More information about his studio and films can be found at the following websites.





Christopher is an outdoors enthusiast who especially enjoys hiking and kayaking.  He is a musician who has enjoyed playing the drums and guitar since his teenage years.  Christopher is an avid reader who has spent a significant amount of time studying theology, and has recently discovered a growing interest in philosophy.  He also enjoys a good pulp fiction book just as much as the next guy.  

Christopher has had an enduring love for the cinema since his later youth.  He enjoys finding the "hidden gems" amongst the independent film community, but is also quite happy to attend the occasional Hollywood blockbuster.

Christopher resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with his wife and cat.

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