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Andre Gangvik

I was born 21.11.1982 in Oslo, Norway.
I have always liked to be creative and like to draw threedimensional artifacts, human nature and nature.
I like also like to be creative when comes to take photographies. Also like biochemistry and biology. Have studied biochemstry and biology in the University of Oslo from 2006.
I also like to lift weigts and do cardiotraining, have competed in powerlifting too in the disiplines (squat,benchpress and deadlift).
Have done active alpineskiing and have been active in many F.I.S runs and have competed on a national level.
I am now studying Occupational therapy(2013-) for a bachelor degree in the Oslo College.

Member of the International High I.Q. Society.
Member of the GOTHIQ Society.
Member of The High Intellect Society(THIS).
Member of the QIQ Society.
Member of the ISI-Society.

E-Mail: andre_3kj@hotmail.com

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