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Barry Beanland

Age: 55 on 10th Nov 2010
Gender: Male
Occupation: Teacher/Examiner and data controller at the Technical Studies Institute. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer MCSE + IP
Location: Dhahran, KSA (Near Bahrain)
Languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Amharic & Arabic
Interests: Registered Connoisseur of Horology with BlancPaiN and Patek Phillipe. Plus all the usual stuff.
Hobbies: Sport, nutrition, troubleshooting computers and electronics.
Status: Married

Member of ISI-Society
Member of Mensa
Member of Logiq
Member of International High IQ society
Member of Elateneo/s
Member of CIVIQ

e-mail: bbeanland@hotmail.com

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