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Martin Tobias Lithner

Martin Tobias Lithner is the founder and president of Ingenium HIQS, Uniq and Logiq Society. Creator of the VISPR, SPP/VS and VINCI High range IQ tests. Chairman of Smart Book Lovers, former SIG of American Mensa. Inventor of the mobile heating fan for wire rod processing and the author of the poetry collection "Reflections of Insanity". Martin is a member of 40+ HIQS.

Member of ISI-Society
Member of Polymathiq Society
Member of The Ultranet
Honorary president of sPIqr Society
Member of Epida
Member of IQuadrivium
Member of Artifex Mens Congregatio
Member of exactIQ
Member of Neurocubo
Member of HIS
Member of Poetic Genius Society
Member of The Mind Society
Member of Top One Percent Society
Honorary Member of Elateneo/s
Honorary Member of Chorium

Homepage: http://www.obscurum.se
E-Mail: martinlithner@aol.com

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