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Christoph Gersdorff

Christoph is living in Frankfurt am Main for two and a half years now and enjoys very much the rich cultural life and the diversity and open-mindedness of people. He loves art and has a special interest in drawings (by Leonardo, Raffael, Chodowiecki, Menzel, Janssen...) and their smooth transition into painting. Excellent violin-play and singing of the finest quality are something he highly appreciates to listen to. (He sees some anology between the three of them.) He likes reading novels, short stories and well written essays on almost any subject. Sometimes he is drawing and painting, writing little stuff and he used to sing in a choir. Christoph relishes cooking, eating it up with friends and: savouring wine. He has many other interests, just as important as those mentioned above, like thinking about and discussing philosophical and psychological matters, religion in general...and "die Seele baumeln lassen" which means "relaxing". As a junior lawyer his interests lie in the fields of law theorie and criminal law.

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