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Anna-Karin Burman

Anna-Karin works as a computer engineer and owns her own business. Currently, she is working to construct a large database and is also the project leader of a book written by women about twins. She has a large number of interests, however her five children take up a great deal of her time. Her children are Anders, Erik, and Louise, who are all teenagers and twin boys named Tintin and Rasmus who were born in the year 2000. Anna-Karin enjoys sports, especially curling where she was an active player and coach. She also enjoys hiking, mushrooming, writing, literature, music, languages and dialects. She likes spending a great deal of time at her cottage, which she has built herself, and at the Gulf of Bothnia. What she treasures most is having fun. She is from Sweden.

Member of High IQ for Humanity
Member of the Glia Society
Member of the ISI-Society

E-Mail: 0910.56567@telia.com

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