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Jani Kristian Savolainen

Jani is born on October 4th, 1978. He lives in Espoo, Finland. Jani is an undergraduate so he is more a self-learner than educated. He works as a systems architect in a finnish IT company called Wicom. His main focus is in designing ASP-based VOIP contact centre data warehouse management system, other data transformation systems and cryptographical applications.
Jani cannot stay long in one place unless the issue is extremely interesting - and what is interesting depends largely of his current mood. Jani is very happy and energetic person and he likes to speak a lot. This has been obvious since Jani was 12-month old baby and had a vocabulary of 5-year old child.
Jani's hobbies are: Theorizing, philosophy (mostly ethics and esthetics), designing logical encryption algorithms, brain teasers, programming, drawing, writing poems, composing, literature, Greek culture history, antiques, numismatics, watching movies, fishing, sport cars, Shaolin kung-fu(7.kyu), judo(2.kyu), gym, dancing, rave and downhill skiing.

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E-Mail: jani@janisavolainen.com


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