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William F. Hamilton III

Occupation: Senior Programmer-Analyst at UCLA. Worked in the Information Technology field for over 30 years.
Cal State University Los Angeles (1960-61).
Major: Psychology AA degree Pierce College (1987)
Major: Physical Science University of Phoenix (1996-7, 2001)
Major: Information Technology UCLA Extension (2002) Science Certificate Program
Military: United States Air Force Security Service (1961-65). Top grade in Electronic technology.
Affiliations: Foundation for Research in Parapsychology (1960-61) Understanding Inc. (1957-61) World Federation of Science and Engineering (1970s) MUFON (1976-?) Skywatch International (1997-?) Founder of Nexus and Nexus News (1975) and UFORUM (1988)
Books and Publications: Space, Time, and Gravity (1975) Center of The Vortex (1979) Close Encounter Report (1978) Cosmic Top Secret (Inner Light Publishing 1990) Alien Magic (Inner Light Publishing 1996) The Phoenix Lights (Write-to-Print 2001)

Member of the Top One Percent Society
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Member of ISPE
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Member of the ISI-Society

Homepage: http://www.astrosciences.info/bio.htm
E-Mail: Astroxplorer@astrosciences.info

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