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Xavier Jouve

Xavier is the founder of the Cerebrals Society and the author of many intelligence tests, including the Encephalist-R22 and the Non Verbal Cognitive Performance Examination. He holds a Ph.D. in experimental psychology and works as a psychologist and psychometrician. He is the founder of Jouve Testing, and serves as psychometrician for the Cerebrals Society, OLYMPIQ Society and PARS Society among others. His main research interests include the relation of high levels of mental abilities to social and educational accomplishments. His primary focus is on non-verbal mental abilities. He is from France.

Honorary Member of ISI-Society
Honorary Member of the Sigma Society Deliberative Council
Founder, Member and Psychometrician of the Cerebrals Society
Member of the Triple Nine Society
Member of the CIVIQ Society
Member of the Prometheus Society
Member of the HELLIQ Society
Member and Psychometrician of the OLYMPIQ Society
Member and Psychometrician of the PARS Society

Homepage: http://www.jouvetesting.org
E-Mail: Jouvexavier@aol.com

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