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Carlos P. Simoes

Carlos is a very active member of the community and is very well recognized for his work. He is the author of the Mental Performance Test, which is used as an admission tool to the Sigma Society and other groups as well. He has also created many works of art, some of which can be enjoyed on the ISI-S site. His personal web page is an excellent source for tests, information on intelligence and IQ and other intellectual resources. He is from Portugal.

Honorary Member of the ISI-Society
Honorary Member of High IQ for Humanity
Member of the International High IQ Society
Member of the Mensa Society
Member of the Mysterium Society
Member of the Sigma Society
Member of the Cerebrals Society
Subscriber of the Ultranet
Member of the CIVIQ Society
Member of the Sigma III Society
Member of the Glia Society
Honorary Member of the PARS Society

Homepage: http://www.cpsimoes.net/
E-Mail: iqmaster@cpsimoes.net

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