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Petri Widsten

Petri is the author of the Sigma Association Test and the co-author of the Sigma Analogy Test, which are used as admission tools for the various Sigma Society branches. He holds an MS in Organic Chemistry and has a Ph.D. in Wood Chemistry. He serves as Regent of the Unicorn High IQ Society. He is from Finland.

Member of the VinCI Society
Honorary Member of the ISI-Society
Regent of the Unicorn High IQ Society
International Coordinator of the Sigma Society
President of the Deliberative Council of the Sigma Society
Director of External Relations of the Sigma Society
Member of Mensa Finland
Member of the Sigma Society
Member of the Glia Society
Member of the Pi Society
Member of the Sigma VI Society

Petri has scored above IQ 175 (sd 16) on the following tests:

The Sigma Test
Long Test For Genius
The Final Test
Space, Time and Hyperspace

Homepage: http://planeta.terra.com.br/educacao/sigmasociety/Petri.html
E-Mail: petri.widsten@hut.fi

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