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Umit Soygenis

Umit Soygenis was born in Ankara on 14 March 1953. He begins to paint at young age. He graduates from primary, middle and high school in Ankara and spends his summer holidays in Van, Hakkari, Hatay, Foca-Izmir and Canakkale, where his father was stationed. In 1970, the family moves to Istanbul, where he enters university. In 1974, he leaves university to devote himself to painting. Between 1974 and 1975 he travels to Europe at intervals to participate in painting workshops. Exhibits his paintings in three one-man shows in Istanbul and Germany. Umit Soygenis, who had no formal artistic training, achieved his technical mastery of watercolor due to his talent, intuition and a sensitive personality. This mastery can be observed in his masterful brushwork and mature use of color, and in the still lifes and landscapes he chose as his subjects. He also handled the aesthetic and formal elements successfully thanks to his intuition and native talent, which raises the question of whether or not artistic training in the academic sense is even necessary. As viewer, one can sense his excitement and enthusiasm as he painted his watercolors. These studies, which impart a flavor of impressionism through their intense chiaroscuro, are predominantly purple and yellow colors so expertly balanced that it is as if the entire study has been created around them. He is struck by an undiagnosable illness in 1975 and forced to give up painting. He died in Istanbul in 1976, leaving behind over 400 paintings in techniques such as watercolor, oil, pastel, and pen and ink, most of which were completed before age thirteen. In 2002, his paintings made up to 1970 are published in a book titled ‘Renklerim’ (My Colors), followed by another book, Dosya/Folder, in 2005. A selection of his work was on display at Basin Muzesi (Press Museum) in Istanbul during November 2005. Under ‘Books at Schools’ initiative, his books were distributed to elementary schools throughout Turkey between 2007 and 2009. The goal of the distribution efforts was to acquaint the students with art, paintings, drawings and color at early ages.

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