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Laurent Dubois

Laurent is the author of the Power-Scale, which is composed of the 916 Test, Hyper Test and Concep-T Test. He is also the author of Remue-Méninges, published in 1997, Les paradoxes du temps, published in 2000, creator of the CHRONOSCOPE’s project & founder of Chronoplanet. In addition to this he is the inventor of the game Cubominos and the author of many other articles. He holds an MA in philosophy and is finishing his Ph.D. He works as a consultant and professor. He is from Belgium.

Honorary Member of the ISI-Society
Member of High IQ for Humanity
Member of the Mensa Society
Member of the Mysterium Society
Member of the Cerebrals Society
Member of the NePlusUltra Society
Member of the Mega Foundation
Honorary Member of the PARS Society
Member of the Sigma Society

Homepage: http://www.laurentdubois.org
E-Mail: laurent.dubois@ulb.ac.be

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